All Natural Gut Tennis Strings are not created equal-find out why

This is a follow up post from several days back where I discussed natural gut briefly.  It is no surprise to me that the 2009 string of the Year survey at stringforum revealed that Babolat VS scored the highest marks in the non-poly category and Luxilon Alu Power Big Banger scored the number one position for poly string.  Natural Gut is considered the premium tennis string and will continue to outplay and outperform the majority of other tennis strings.   Not all natural gut strings are created equal.  I have been stringing rackets for 20 years now and have strung a wide selection of natural gut strings on the market.  I will concentrate on the main natural gut strings that are in the market.  For the sake of providing information I do want to mention that there are numerous brands of string that market natural gut including Alpha, Astis, BE, Babloat, BDE, Boris Becker, Bow Brand, Discho, Dunlop, Elite, Fisher, Gamma, Global, Head, Klip, klipspringer,Pacific, Prince, Titan, Volkl, Wilson and several others.....  WOW! thats a lot of gut to weed through.  

There are only a handful of actual manufacturerers of Gut, the rest just package it under their name.  Babolat Manufacturers Gut in France, Pacific Manufacturers its Gut in New Zealand, Klip manufacturers in Australia,Leader Gut in India, and there are a several other large manufacturers.

Each manufacturer has its own standard and practices when it comes to producing natural gut.  Babolat has distinguished themselves as a producer of PRemium Natural Gut.  The importance of natural gut are the consistency in quality which includes being free from defects.  It only takes a small defect to render a complete set of gut useless.  Babolat Produces the best quality gut and you can count on consistent quality every time you open up a package.  I have purchased lower costing strings but have found problems from time to time.  WHAT CAN GO WRONG WITH GUT?  Gut ages and can become dry and brittle.  Gut can knot up easily and then weaken, some gut becomes hard to string because of coil memory.  You will only begin to understand the complexity of natural gut when you start stringing it more often.  Finding the right gut is a personal experience that comes with time.  If you are starting out then I would recommend purchasing a set of Babolat Vs. (wilson gut is produced by babolat so either Babolat or Wilson is the same), Pacific and KLIP.  This will give you an idea of how they tend to vary and give you a range of quality. 

WHERE CAN I GET THE BEST PRICE?  I will be following up on this question this coming week..

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vishu70 said…
Only Global Gut in India, on any manufacturers in India