5 Tips to help you replace your racket bumperguard and grommet strip.

Replacing the bumperguard and grommet strip on a tennis racket doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few tips on how to provide this service with minimal stress. 1. The first thing is too always check that you received the correct headguard by visually holding it next to the frame to see if the holes line up. Ocassionally you will be sent out the wrong bumperguard and if you already took the old one off your stuck!. 2. The next tip is too heat up the bumperguard with a hairdryer of heat gun, being careful not to melt it. THe purpose here is to make it easier to install by making it softer to bend. 3. Next align the holes up and use an awl to align the holes until they kind of snap into place. 4. When stringing the racket after a new bumperguard has been installed make sure to hold the guard secure to the frame while pulling the string because you want to properly seed the bumperguard. 5. Keep in mind that adding 2 lbs to the tension helps compensate for any lost tension during stringing.

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