5 Racket Stringing business tips for more profit

We all want to build our racket stringing business for both fun and profit. Sometimes the simple things we do or the behind the scenes type improvements are valuable and yet don't require much work.

Tip No. 1: Use clear racket bags to place newly strung customer rackets in. You can purchase these through online packaging companies like www.Uline.com or www.dpackaging.com. Be carefull not to buy bags to small, I made this mistake by buying 30 x 12 size bags, 30 inches is long enough but 12 inches wide will not handle oversize frames. Purchase rubber bands to secure the ends and you are all set to go. Make large stickers with your logo for more visability. Pro's expect this, and your customers will love the extra attention. The cost involved is probably around .25 cents per racket, well worth it with the repeat business. Only downside to this tip is the environmental aspect, using extra plastics,etc.

Tip No. 2: Use professional grade tennis racket stringing equipment. This will let your customers know that you take your business seriously. I will be posting more information in the weeks to follow regarding choosing the best professional grade racket stringing machine for you!.

Tip No. 3: Join the USRSA (United Racket Stringing Association) or the International version if living in Europe. Make it a goal to become a certified racket technician (CRT or MRT).
Tip No. 4: Start a tennis ladder. This allows you to have a group of players coming in to your shop on a more frequent bases. More to follow on this as well.

Tip No. 4: Keep customer records of everytime they come in and get their racket serviced. This will help you to know the tension and make adjustments if they need to change.

Tip No. 5: Follow up every couple of months will email and mail to remind them it might be time to restring. A great way to build a loyal customer base.

I hope these were new to you and you learned something valuable from this post.

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