The 5 best playing multifilament tennis strings to improve your game

In my writing I frequently focus on tennis strings, racket stringing and teaching my readers more about equipment  in hopes of making you a more informed consumer.  Today I wanted to spend a few words here and discuss some 'performance' grade tennis strings.  These multifilament strings are synthetic strings that closely resemble natural gut strings.  They have many strands that are woven together,offer more   elasticity and playability but tend to wear quicker.  If you have been thinking about 'STEPPING' UP your equipment than here is my top 5 list:  Wilson NXT, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase , Prince Premier LT,  Gamma Professional and Klip Venom.  This list is a great way to sample some of the higher grade synthetic strings that are on the market today.  You will be surprised in the power, control and playability you will get from these strings.  If you have the opportunity to try several than make a comparision, it will give you more insight about the difference in strings and brands.  Have fun!

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02holzem said…

thanks for your comments on mulits and hybrid stringing.
What would be a good combinaiton for Wilson NXT and Prince Premier LT?
With what stringing tension would you start on a Prince EXO3 Rebel 98?

thanks in advance