Tools of the racket stringing trade

Like any craftsman, there are tools that are a must have.  When stringing rackets there are a few tools every stringer has that you cannot be without and then there are some tools that make your work easier.  THis blog post is about the necessary tools.  Three tools come to mind for me regarding the 'must have' and sometimes they are sold in a 'kit' format like the one shown here. (although this tool set does not include the starting clamp, it is a good beginner set).

A starting clamp, cutters and needlenose pliers are the three tools you really need to have.  I use the starting clamp for 'starting' my racket. 

STARTING CLAMP:  Generally I will place the starting clamp behind the clamp that is holding the string, therefore when I pull the first main string I am assured that no slipping will occur.  I clean my clamps regularly to assure a solid hold, but all it takes is for the first string to slip and your set of string is damaged!  I sometimes also use the starting clamp to hold the last main string on the short side (instead of tying off), I also sometimes pull the knots tight with the starting clamp. 

CUTTERS:  Anytime you do any string cutting and creating a sharp end you will use cutters, you might also use the cutters to cut the strings out of the racket.

NEEDLENOSE PLIERS:  The needle nose pliers are used to guide the string in some holes and used during tie off knots as well.

I hope this info helped and check out some tools at amazon and tenniswarehouse.


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