Was my tennis racket strung upside down?

Someone approached me and asked me the question 'Was my tennis racket strung upside down?" They were wondering if their previous stringer had strung it wrong! What does it mean to string a racket upside down and is it even possible.

My experience tells me that the answer to this question is "yes". The reasons are as follows: I always string a customers racket the same way, with the buttcap sticker up, this assures that the racket is always strung the same way with the knots up and the short side on the same side. Some players tend to hold the racket with the top or bottom as the front of the frame, this could be due to the way the grip has worn or a personal feel. So if this is the case I would say it is possible to hold the racket upside down and therefore it feels like the racket is strung upside down because the knots are facing down.

This is my opinion from 20 years of experience, please provide your input if you have more to add. THis blog is intended to help the stringing community. Hopefully this was informative and useful information.

Best regards and ALoha

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