MRT racket stringing basics STEP 2

Happy New Year to all my blog readers.

Today STEP 2 follows our last lesson and includes cutting the strings out and mounting the frame. CUTTING STRINGS> There is no one correct way to cut out old tennis strings but I would like to give two suggestions to you here. Keep in mind that when a racket is still tensioned (no strings broken) that there is stress being applied to the frame, when you cut the strings, it can effect the racket. Start cutting in the center of the racket, then go straight up, turn the racket around, cut down, to the left and right and you have all strings cut. Another method is to cut diagonally, you would cut the first strings in the middle of the frame than cut diagonally up and do the same on the down side. I hope to add a few pics of this soon for better clarification.

MOUNTING THE FRAME. Always mount your rackets with the buttcap label facing up. THis is how professional stringers do it and tour players expect this to be done. It is a good practice to start from the get go. I will explain why in another lesson. Secure the frame and tighten your mounting bolts. Be sure not to crush or damage the frame by getting it on to tight. The purpose is to secure the frame so it will not move or distort during stringing.

I hope this quick lesson gave you some ideas and helps you on your journey to learning how to string.

QUICK TIP: Buy gardening shears for cutting the strings, scissors tend to be harder on your fingers and wrists when cutting. Shears tend to get the job done more effeciently.

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