Former no.1 Monica Seles induted into Hall of Fame

With Nine grand slam singles titles and a former #1 singles ranking, it is no doubt that Monica Seles will be inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame. It seems a little soon, if you consider that she could have had some more playing years ahead of her. Nothing is a sure thing and we all need to be thankful for each day. On July 11th of this year Monica and a group of others will be inducted along with Rod Laver being honored that weekend as well. If you are visiting Rhode Island you can check out the ceremony as well during campbell's tour in RH

Ok, on to some other tennis items, I tend to get off the subject of stringing sometimes but always something happening in tennis, yah?..

New releases, Wilson just shipped the [kobra] team fx racket, I would like to get some feedback, find out what the readers think, so please send me a note on this.

STRINGING TIP. PRE STRETCH? When should I prestretch, what types of string,etc... How do I prestretch?.

When stringing tennis rackets for fun or profit, it is important to get the most consistent restring and having the string play 'well' as long as possible. If you prestretch string you will: 1. keep the string from coiling on you when stringing, 2. Keep the string from loosing some tension. If I need to explain this point, please email me and I would be happy to explain.

This idea of prestretching can work with not only natural gut, multifilaments but also synthetics, and polyester strings as well.... Good tip ,can also be added to my consistency tips for stringing..

more on this later..


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