serena williams wins her match friday the 13th

Its friday the 13th, its raining here in the southbay las angeles area, and I just visited the wta site an noticed that Serena Williams won her quarterfinals match in at the Paris Open. Serena is on a role and playing hot! Every tournament location, surface, climate and time of year help the player determine what to string their rackets at. I cannot speak about the Paris Open, but I can shed some light on racket stringing from the Australian Open last month. Generally when a player arrives to a tournament, they have a few rackets handy that were strung from the last tournament, and are good to practice with, the player may also bring in a few, choose a desired tension (maybe one that they are comfortable with), use these for practice also so they can gauge the stringing quality and playing conditions, then the day before the tournament, you might get 7-8 rackets dropped off, in the case of Serena Williams this happens frequently, and rackets are expected quickly. Serena Uses Wilson natural gut (babolat gut packaged for wilson), usually strings between 65-67 lbs depending on conditions. and in a two week tournament you might see 40-50 rackets from her.

Just a little stringing info, please email with questions, etc. happy to help where i can.

have a great weekend,


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