just got done stringing my rackets and wished I had a New Baiardo machine by wilson

just a random photo of a new Adidas racket I strung in Australia
Just got done stringing some rackets, tired now and ready to call it a day, some days I am ok on my trusty Babolat star 3 but other days I wish I had the new wilson stringing machine, its adjustable height table is excellent for those long standing times and the machine is solid and easy to use.

Ok now Im going to start talking about the consistency in stringing tips. So, I am assuming everyone is using constant pull machines to string, here is tip #1. Always mount your racket with the buttcap logo right side up. This way you can always be sure that the racket is mounted the same way, this will important later when we start the stringing and talk about the consistency there. So there you have it, tip one is not a huge revelation but very important. So start putting this in your stringing routine and make it habit, keep your buttcap always pointing the same direction when you mount the racket... This not only is good for consistency but also will be evindent later when you see the notes are facing up too..

more on this and tip 2 tomorrow.


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