a few days to my new consistency post on racket stringing

I have realized that I just cant keep up with posting everyday, I am currently working on some projects, working on my racket stringing business and other job related stuff. I just received my latest issue of RSI ( Racquet Sports Industry trade publication). The latest Industry News was a review about the launch of the Wilson 'Baiardo' string machine, will comment more on this in my next post.

Today I wanted to comment on the advertisement from Tecnifibre in the inside cover and get some feedback from my readers. I beleive Tenifibre to have some good multifilament strings. I especially think that x-one biphase (which I think plays much like the traditional Wilson 'NXT' ) and NRG2 strings are good, a bit pricey but if you are on a good program, purchase them from a good distributer when on special or perhaps EBAY, you might get a deal on occasion. One point regarding this string, its a bitharder to sell because you really need to educate your customer on this string. What I have found when promoting a string, is that I have tried to keep prices of strings in line with the category they fit in. What I mean here is try pricing your multifilaments around the same price, keep basic synthetics around the same price,etc, that way your customer might be willing to try a new string in the same category and you can perhaps find the perfect string for that customer without the customer resisting because of the price difference. Again, this is just my idea, i have not seen to many people follow this philosophy, but if you really want to service your customer, I think this is a good way.

Thats all for now, let me know what you think about technifibre and the various tennis racket strings and if you see some of the other technifibre strings as ones to watch. Maybe TGV, XR3,multifeel and promix.


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