constant pull tennis racket stringing machines are a must try the wilson baiardo

This week and beyond I will focus on consistency in your racket stringing. Before I can go over the first point however I need to discuss some basic stringing machine info. In order to get the most consistent, calibrated and same tension that is true to what most pro's are use too, you need an electronic constant pull machine. A few examples are the Wilson Baiardo, Babolat star 4, sensor, star 5. There are other machines as well but I am more familiar and know the quality of these machines. So again, having the constant pull machines for racket stringing is important, the tension comes out more consistent for two main reasons. Each pull is the same tension, with no variance of tension, and constant pull keeps the tension when you release the clamp to clamp the new string, the crank machines do not do this, so tension becomes looser. I will continue more on this in the next post, i want to really get this point across before i continue.

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