Which Polyester string is best

What polyester string is best for your racket stringing needs, there are numerous brands and types of polyester strings available on the market today. If just starting out with your stringing, you might want to stick with one or two types and get them in various gauges. You can also purchase prepackaged hybrid sets from companies as well.

Babolat Hybrid P. Hurric.+Conquest 17 String or Babolat Hybrid Hurricane Tour+XCel 16 String are good options from Babolat.

But if truth be told, you can probably get away with buying Luxilon Alu Power and Alu Power Rough and Luxilon Timo and have all the poly you need. Alu Power and Rough in 16L or timo in 17L or 18 gauge and that is all you need. Check out tennis warehouse prices for an idea of the costs and a good mix of whats available at tennis warehouse

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