Tennis racket strings You need to have

Today I want to focus on getting started with your stringing business and help suggest what you need in regards to your string inventory and give some important tips on must have racket strings. Tennis racket strings can be categorized into several main groups:monofilament synthetics,multifilament,natural gut,polyester. It is important to have a few from each group. Sometimes geographically there are strings more popular than others but if you have a good mix you will be able to meet most customers needs and then add strings as needed.

MONOFILAMENTS-those basic synthetics that should include prince duraflex, wilson extreme, and gamma tnt2.

MUTLIFILAMENTS-Wilson NXT, Technifibre NRG and babolat xcel.

NATURAL GUT-carry Babolat team and Babolat Tonic.

POLYESTER-Luxilon Alu Power, Alu Power rough and timo.

Again these are just a good first sampling of what you need but you can start with these and you would be able to start with a good mix. Tomorrow I will start talking about string gauges and will get into what type of player these strings are suited for.

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