racket string performance

When deciding string inventory to carry not only do you need to find the right mix of strings but also their 'gauges'. Generally you will carry strings in these gauges:

15L-thicker strings for frequent string breakers.

16g- good all around gauge for most players

<16L and 17g for players looking for more spin and a little more feel (but breaks easier).

18g- for those players looking for the ultimate in spin and playability (and those that can afford to break strings frequently).

I will get into performance and tweaking strings to get the right combination in my next entry.

best to all

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Anonymous said…
Hi Patrick, thanks for checking out my tennis blog (protennisfan.com). Are you a current stringer on the tour?

I've been slacking on writing lately, but imagine once things start up again in the new year I'll be back at it.

Bjorkman was a class act all the way when I met him this past summer.
patrick said…
Hi ,thanks for leaving a comment, yes I work a few tournaments throughout the year, I will be at the Australian open working with the wilson team. You have some great material on your site, I am focusing on the stringing aspect, so hope to connect with your site more often.