Polyester tennis strings Luxilon and more

Today I wanted to review polyester strings some more continuing from yesterdays racket stringing blog. Polyester strings fall under the category ofmonofilament (see picture),consisting of a center core (designed to be more durable and have a tendency to be less elastic and lose tension faster). With the modern developments and technological advances, co-polyester strings are addressing the tension loss and elasticity issue.

Luxilon has developed many variations of the polyester strings and have something for everyone, in January 09 they are releasing a few new string models that are sure to help with tension loss and elasticity issue, so watch for them. Visit tenniswarehouse

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Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see their new line of strings. Always been a big fan of Luxilon since I started using the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Roughthis year. The string seems to last 3x longer than other strings I have used and also keep their tension longer. Great Post and we look forward to continue reading your blog.

patrick said…
Ya, the new string by Luxilon should have better elasticity and more 'natural gut' tendencies, I had some test sets that were great. Thanks for checking out the site.