online racket stringing resources

There are excellent resources online for learning more about tennis racket strings,string technology, stringing patterns, discussion boards, professionals stringing secrets, racket stringing shortcuts, and other things to make life as a stringer simplified. One resource I visit often that I just linked to the store is the site.

I like this site because if I have a customer ask about a certain string and what i think or they want a recommendation of a string that has certain characteristics, I can visit the stringforum and get some ideas.

STRING TESTING- there is a large database of stringtesting on the site, so you can get others opinion on these strings.

You can find resources from stringing items for sale, link to other stringers,..... a lot of stuff here, check it out and let me know what you think.

TIP OF THE DAY- when replacing grommet strips, sometimes they dont always want to fit easily, take a hair dryer or heat gun, warm it up and then try to install... works much better, just dont melt it!
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