Hybrid polyester and synthetic gut tennis string

There are a few strategies that I use when helping someone find the right strings in regard to hybrids. Over the years polyester string has become more popular, I dont recommend it for young players or those with any arm problems. At the US OPEN this year i noticed a definite trend on the pro tour toward poly strings.

back about 10 years ago, i was introduced to a polyester string made in southern california by an individual who exported it and sold to distributors, it was a great alternative to kevlar. I was working with many frequent string breakers and many of the 'players' were using the wilson 6.1 prostaff and breaking their 16g synthetics constantly.


a thin gauge polyester 17 or 18g in the mains, and a multi filament wilson nxt or technifibre nrg2 or prince premiere,babolat xcel are good choices. If your customer is used to 60lbs in their racket, take the poly to 56 lbs and the multi filament to 61 lbs.

stay tuned, check back daily, more tips to come.

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