How to find a competent racket stringer

I often get asked about finding the right racket stringer, I see numerous posts on some other sites about finding 'good' racket stringers, etc., well here is my advise. First, there are a few important things to keep in mind when finding a person to service your rackets.

1. The best stringers are not at the large 'Sporting goods stores' (these stores either have the hourly employees string the rackets or contract out for a 2-3 day tournaround, stay AWAY from these if you can!.

2. The best credential for a racket stringer is the MRT certification through the USRSA (United States Racket Stringers Association)You can check on USRSA website by state and city to find MRT stringers, many stringers say they are usrsa certified and this really does not mean anything, anyone can pay yearly fee and get this, but the MRT status is different, this is someone who has spent some time in their craft.

3. Pricing-Do not look for the cheapest stringer... 15-18 for labor cost is good price, usually only competent stringers charge this,because they know they can get it, if you see 8-12 dollars,these are usually your rookie and beginner (garage stringers).

4. Lastly- what type of stringing machine do they use. A computerized constant pull machine is manditory-do not have your racket strung on a crank type machine, you will not get any consistancy.

This is a lot of info, so a quick recap:
1. Dont go to large sporting good stores to have racket strung.
2. Look for someone who is MRT certified.
3. 15-18 labor fee is OK.
4. Computerized constant pull machine is manditory.

Good luck and please email me for more clarification, I will continue talking about this in the next posts as well.

Oh and if you are in southern californial- southbay area of southern california-look me up and I will be happy to string your racket(lol)!


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