Chosing best racket string guages and hybrids

There is a great article on the website that can give you some basics of string construction and advantages of using different racket strings and the playability factor. This article also converts the guages into mm which is a much more accurate measuring system. Please view this article and let me know if it was helpful and email me your questions.

The first thing i focus on is the racket, I like to find out what type of racket the customer is using-is it a midsize or oversize? is the string pattern open or is it a dense pattern? This will help me determine what string gauge and type of string I might recommend.

Oversize and open pattern racket combination might warrent for a hybrid with polyester in mains and a good 17g synthetic in the crosses. This is a great combination for frequent string breakers and it provides a good mix of feel and control as well. More on this tomorrow.

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