Racket stringing and warranties

Jankovic makes it to the quarters, hewitt out and sharapova playing tonight, its 5.00 pm down under, but here it is 10 pm the night before. Great tennis, and we need to talk a little about racket warranties. We dont talk in great detail about warranties these days probably because for the most part tennis rackets dont legitametely break for the retail shopper, or the racket is traded in for a newer model before real wear occurs. Most manufacturers have a one year warranty but this does not cover abuse. So if your racket slips out of your hand tumbles several times and has a crack, your not going to get another one for free.... Racket manufacturers have a return service department that carefully inspects the rackets, they dont catch all the abuse but they are pretty good at spotting abuse verses defect. So why is this important for the stringer to know?.....Your customer needs to understand that if he asks you to string his Babolat Nadal racket at 74 lbs, it voids the warranty. Most likely nothing will happen, however your customer could hit a bomb of a serve,hit the racket just right, and SNAP!....and he might come back and blame you...... Just a thought, .................

Dont really want to spend too much time on warranty issues since I cannot speak for the manufactuerers. I sell rackets on ebay, they dont come with warranties and generally most people arent concerned, but if you want to cover your base, you need to purchase your racket through authorized dealers, most brick and morter shops are authorized,some internet as well. BUYER BEWARE!. There are also a lot of counterfeit rackets coming from overseas.... Generally there are only a few factories that produce the rackets and therefore the counterfeit rackets might actually be from the same mold... but who knows... anyway thats enough about this for now.. sometimes I get off subject easily.

Quick recap this week,

1. Inspect racket while customer present.
2. carefully check for cracks or stress fracture and notify customer
3. clean racket prior to stringing (shows your professional)
4. if stringing outside of the recommended tension range (will discuss tomorrow)
notify customer that it voids any warranty.
5. Have fun, this is a great profession and exiting sport.

Good Day for now

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