Learning about tennis racket strings

We discussed the racket inspection and such so now its time to move onto learning about tennis string, Business Tip: Never discount your labor, many shops run sales and give discounts on stringing, but you will quickly find out that stringing is your bread and butter, this is where most profits can be had and as a professional, don't discount your labor.... .

Tennis strings for tennis racket stringing come in various gauge thickness. The range from 15 gauge (thickest) to 19 gauge (thinest).. What string is best, I leave that for a later discussion. Basically the 15L (which is between 15 and 16 is the thickest you will really find in most shops and generally used for durability. 16 and 17 are the standard sizes and probably what the large percentage of recreation players will use. I use a very small head size racket (the head prestige) and I sometimes use 18 gauge due to its playability, but using this string on very large head or oversize rackets with open string patterns will break fairly quickly.

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