Happy New year to you all!.. Many upcoming tennis matches to watch, the Australian Open starts tomorrow, so fitting to start my blogs up again, this time I will work diligently to keep posting daily. Busy now with my various online businesses and ebay racket sales (check me out on eBay under Rackettec Tennis.). So lets get to our next subject.
Racket stringing, only fitting since that's the title of this blog. Please feel free to email any questions or suggestions you might have on the subject, input always greatly appreciated. With the hundreds of racket and string combinations available where does one start? No need to read through pages of biased info on strings by manufacturers or companies, I do not receive anything from the companies so this is straight out from my 20 years of racket stringing. Basically you are looking at 4 major catagories of strings,
1. mono filament synthetics
2. multi filament synthetics
3. Natural Gut
4. Hybrids (synthetic/kevlar, synthetic/polyester, poly/natural gut.

So what is best?... depends on You!!!, the game you have and the racket you use. Tomorrow I will start to break this down alittle and give some more insights and facts about pickin the right combination, sorry for the babbling on, too much info I want to get down on this blog... Till tomorrow.

All the best


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