Friday, January 18, 2008


Another late night and just felt compelled to add some tips on racket stringing. I think I am going to back way up,start from square one... Lets make this a racket stringing 101 class.... I understand there are quite a few want to be stringers out there but nobody to teach them. Yes you can sign up through USRSA (united states racket stringers association) -an organization that I acquired my MRT (master racket technician status).. what does this really mean? I can string a racket !... how does it help? I think if your starting out , you need some credibility because nobody knows your name yet. There are a few other organizations as well around the world, but in the US this is THE ONE that gets you going...but remember its not free... You can get your basic foundation here and in a few months have the knowledge needed to set up shop. So I will leave you with one last item.
Beginner Tip for today- Upon mounting your racket on the machine, make sure it is secured tightly. Rackets can break!

good night all


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Patrick Has been stringing rackets for over 25 years including at many professional events around the country including the US OPEN and AUSTRALIAN OPEN. He brings a depth of knowledge and love for the industry.

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