The match of the week... you gotto love the excitement of this agassi five set match..I ended up behind on my racket stringing....couldnt leave my couch for 3 and 1/2 hours.. iF YOU MISSED IT,GO TO THE US OPEN WEBSITE AND REVIEW ....WELL WORTH A LOOK. I want to spend the next week at the beginning and review some string basics and some thoughts I have on the subject. As far as I am concerned you have three basic categories of string. Natural gut, multifilament strings and basic synthetic nylon strings.. Although there are thousands available, you would be surprised at the limited number of actual manufacturers.. and most come out of two or three factories..! The all can be excellent and they all serve a purpose.Once you become more experienced with stringing rackets and using various strings you will begin to see how some strings work better in some rackets... by this I mean, that some rackets play better with some strings. I want to give this disclaimer first before i give my opinons.. I do not receive any endorsment or free products from any string companies,therefore my opinion will be free of any hype.... mostly... I string quite a bit of natural gut... Most of my experience comes with babolat, klip,titan,(and ones packaged under the prince and wilson label). So the question is Is one natural gut realy superior to others, ? and if so, why or how ?
My answer would be Yes, there are some better than others.. Babolat by far is the best, the wilson gut is really made by Babolat (so this one is included). Babolat gut kinks less, is easier to string due to coating, easy to handle and keeps tension well. .... stay tuned. more on this tommorow..
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