Monday, August 28, 2006


Day 1 of the Open.... what a match... Agassi Agassi Agassi.....great start to this two week extravaganza. Wish I would have made the trip this year.. i turned down the stringing opportunity due to a scheduling conflict...
STRINGING TIP>>I was stringing one of the new prince 03 tour rackets and it got me thinking of todays STRINGING TIP>>>>>>If you have a stringing machine (more on this at a later date) that has a locking base, then this would be a easier way to string these rackets. It is an excellent way to eliminate the little stringing tool provided with the rackets. Due to the open holes on the cross strings, your strings can look like sloppy work with a loss of tension..if you dont keep them straight with the tool on each pull. My soluction is to lock the base before pulling... keeps the racket staight with little effort and without the tension loss.. >>Hope this was helpful, I welcome comments and help on future topics...
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Patrick Has been stringing rackets for over 25 years including at many professional events around the country including the US OPEN and AUSTRALIAN OPEN. He brings a depth of knowledge and love for the industry.

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