Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In my past writing here at Racket Stringing Tips I have posted  on the importance of the 'STARTING CLAMP' and have outlined several uses that I have found to be helpful.  During my research and study this weekend I ran across a great article that sums it up well.  In the May 2015 Tennis Industry Magazine the article is titled "One Tool, Many use"s by Bob Patterson. I liked the illustrations because it supported the text well and made it more prescriptive.  I highly recommend you take a look at the article and review it yourself.  The starting clamp has been an essential tool for me over the years and I generally use it for every racket that I string. 

Tennis Industry Magazine has gone through some changes and was previously called Racket Sports Industry magazine.  This trade publication is well known to industry and tennis business owners.  You can read it online.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I was browsing the Tennis.com website and saw the article about the Head Racket Stringing Room from the March 2015 BNP Paribas Open in the Desert and delighted to see a new stringing team emerge on the scene.  A friend and my stringing mentor was on the team and interviewed.  See a short video about the Head Stringing machine, its pretty sleek.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Check out the whole article at BBC BBC SPORT

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DAY 3: Ok before we move any farther we need to start learning how to string, I wanted this program to begin all the way at the beginning as if you have never strung before. Don’t stop reading yet, this will also be good for those of you that already know the basics because you will learn short cuts, best practices, tips and just good advise as you continue learning your craft. The next step is to get supplies together so we can start stringing, and I will show some short video’s to help you along the way. It is probably going to take us a week or more to get our machine, tools, string, etc. I plan on ordering the same thing in order to be working right aside you as you learn. While we wait for the materials to arrive we will get our business cards together and discuss what we need there and that way we can keep moving forward and not waste time waiting for our machine to arrive. So for today I just want to you to think about the basic items we need to get started. Tomorrow I will talk about each, what I would recommend and where to buy. If you already have than you are one step ahead, also feel free to email me regarding any questions. LIST: 1. stringing machine 2. string to practice with 3. basic stringing tools – awl, clippers, pliers, starting clamp 4. tennis racket to practice with. Tomorrow I will go into depth about each of the items listsed above and than figure out the best deals to get our needed equipment. If you have some of the items listed above, get them out and find a place that you will use to set up your stringing business! See you tomorrow - Patrick

Monday, October 27, 2014

DAY 2: So on to day 2 of our stringing program, I did not have a chance to submit material over the weekend but we are going to get a fresh start for this week and get Monday off to a great start. So I hope you got something down on paper for Day 1 assignment, I will try to give a few assignments throughout the week to get you engaged in making this a reality. Let us break down the various parts of what you need to get your business started: 1. Understanding your goal. 2. Meeting a need in your community. 3. Knowledge of Tennis, Racquet Technology, Strings and Racquet Stringing. 4. Understanding your target market. 5. Physical requirements–marketing, product, equipment and place. 6. Understanding your limitations. 7. Know where to go to access help and support. The above listed 7 items are general and we can discuss each over numerous pages of material and I plan on doing so as we progress in our course. For now, however I would encourage you to write down some things before we move forward. We will do more research later but for now try to describe what strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that you see for starting this business (S.W.O.T). This little exercise will help you think about your business more. The second part of DAY 2 is to start learning about tennis strings and stringing. One resource that I always direct students too is Tennis Warehouse. If you play tennis at all you are probably aware of this Giant Online Retailer. You will find helpful information about string technology, racket technology, information on strings and just a great resource for getting up to speed on what is new. It is important to know about as many of the technologies, string compositions as possible because it pays to be informed and to be able to address questions when your clients ask. Stay one step ahead of your clients with information and be a valuable resource for them. So get started and do the exercise and write down some things about your business ideas as listed above and explore the TennisWarehouse.com website for learning information. See you tomorrow. -Patrick

Sunday, October 26, 2014

  1. Clean the machine clamps prior to stringing natural gut strings and about every 5 – 10 rackets in general. If you string frequently than cleaning the clamps once a day before you start would be sufficient. The reason behind this tip is consistency and it helps in keeping your string from slipping in the clamps. Many tennis strings on the market have a protective coating that’s oily, some strings more than others, and keeping this on your clamps can be detrimental to your clamp performance. I will generally use rubbing alcohol and a cloth or dip a toothbrush in the rubbing alcohol and go across the inside of the clamp area that holds the strings, you can always use a clean cloth after to dry it quickly but generally the rubbing alcohol drys quickly on its own. It is important to do this as a proactive step and not reactive once your strings slip. If your strings slip while stringing a racket than you need to start over and use a new set of string, the string has been compromised and the slippage has shortened its life even if you can’t noticeably tell.