Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Aside from following this years US OPEN stringing room and seeing whats happening behind the scenes you have some possible record breaking tennis including Serena's Grand Slam possibility, watching Federer and Nadal to see what they can do this year and much more. 

On the stringing side, be sure to check out the Wilsonstringing.com site to see who the racket stringers are at the open and see some exclusive pics of the stringing room.  This elite team works hard during the championship and works consistently at a high error free rate of stringing.

Before a tournament starts, stats are reviewed about previous years of stringing at the event and a general idea of stringing stats and number of rackets strung per day can be discussed which helps prepare for the days work.  Yesterday August 31, 2015 a record 500+ frames strung in one day by the Wilson Stringing Team!..... That is a lot of stringing.......

Stay tuned fore more fun stuff on tennis, stringing, stats and data......

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The 2015 Open will soon be underway.  There is sure to be a number of posts, video's and articles on the stringing specifics of what goes on at the Open and a look inside the stringing room, players gear, etc.  Check back here for the latest. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

To us tennis geeks, it's always fun to see what is happening inside the stringing room.  See what equipment they use and sometimes pick up some fun facts....

Watch this video and pick up some tips.  You will quickly see professional tie off knots, starting clamps being used see the first cross string is under the mains on both ends, watch simple weaving as to keep the gut from being damaged on the more abrasive poly mains, watch the weaving technique and see how he keeps the main strings from getting notched.  A rookie stringer would be pulling each string over the mains and this causes small notches to weaken the strings and many times will cause premature breakage.  The Babolat stringing machines also make the process easier, I have always found these to be high quality machines that produce a pretty consistent result.
It's not a big surprise result to see Serena take the title once again.  She continues to be on top of her game.  Over the past 5 to 10 years Serena continues to be a strong frontrunner on the women's tour.  Over the past year I have not followed the game as closely as I would have liked but am working on putting some valuable content on this site.  I have always enjoyed the grand slams for their uniqueness.  I have been fortunate enough to have been to Wimbledon and take in the sights. 

Some of my favorite moments are those simple things and traditions such as waiting in line for tickets sitting on the grass outside the stadium, strawberries and cream, walking the outer courts and watching the practice sessions etc.

From a racket stringers perspective, it's not much different, the tensions change, the machines are different but the process is all the same.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In my past writing here at Racket Stringing Tips I have posted  on the importance of the 'STARTING CLAMP' and have outlined several uses that I have found to be helpful.  During my research and study this weekend I ran across a great article that sums it up well.  In the May 2015 Tennis Industry Magazine the article is titled "One Tool, Many use"s by Bob Patterson. I liked the illustrations because it supported the text well and made it more prescriptive.  I highly recommend you take a look at the article and review it yourself.  The starting clamp has been an essential tool for me over the years and I generally use it for every racket that I string. 

Tennis Industry Magazine has gone through some changes and was previously called Racket Sports Industry magazine.  This trade publication is well known to industry and tennis business owners.  You can read it online.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I was browsing the Tennis.com website and saw the article about the Head Racket Stringing Room from the March 2015 BNP Paribas Open in the Desert and delighted to see a new stringing team emerge on the scene.  A friend and my stringing mentor was on the team and interviewed.  See a short video about the Head Stringing machine, its pretty sleek.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Check out the whole article at BBC BBC SPORT