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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pat Markey

Can I really start my own racket stringing business for under $200?

Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine: Gamma String MachinesCheck this out, you can start your own stringing business for under $200My strategy for you here is to just get started.  CLick on the heading and visit Holabird Sports, buy the stringing machine and start practicing.  Visit your local retailer and make a list of what they carry and prices.   Start advertising and tell players you run across that you string rackets.  Get your business going and scale up from there. 

Want to learn more.  Email me.

This is the perfect entry-level stringing machine for anyone looking to string their own racquets. The Gamma Progression 200 has the same easy-to-use features of more expensive models. This machine features a two point racquet mounting system, floating clamps, and a drop weight tensioner. The Progression 200 is ideal for stringing tennis, racquetball, badminton, or squash racquets.  Broad base design with a tool tray for convenient storage. Wide mounting area safely and sturdily secures frames. Composite split drum gripper with patented diamond coated ratchet gripper. Quick 2-point mounting system. Two composite floating clamps. Drop weight tensioner with a range from 8-90 pounds. 360 degree turntable rotation for ease of use. Perfect for all your stringing needs including tennis, racquetball, badminton, and squash. Tools included: Gamma Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Straight Pliers, Razor Cutter.  Added Bonus:   Includes a Starter String Pack with 3 sets of GAMMA performance string and the USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide.  Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Pat Markey

Thinking about Hybrid strings. You can't go wrong with Babolat Tennis string combination.

Babolat VS Team BT7 17: Babolat Tennis String Packages
Babolat VS Team BT7 17: Babolat Tennis String Packages (Holabird Price $32.95)

Babolat VS Team BT7 17 tennis string continues to raise the standard for natural gut. This string is even better with the addition of BT7, a new layering structure that increases the durability by 15%. Players will experience a great level of comfort, power or tension.  Recommended tension range: 1.25/17 : 22 kg/48 lbs - 30 kg/66 lbs.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pat Markey

Top 5 Tennis Strings for first quarter 2017 see the list here.

What are your top 5 tennis strings?

TIA (Tennis Industry Association) just released the latest on the Top-Selling strings at Specialty stores for the first quarter of 2017. No major surprises here. This should also be a wake up call for you. You don't need to get all the latest strings that are pushed your way.... Stick with the top proven winners and that is all you need!... Please share and comment.

So lets break this list down.   2 Poly, 2 multifilaments and 1 synthetic gut.  Simple and true winners.  Back in 1995 when I opened up my tennis shop, we carried NXT and Duraflex, poly was just entering the market.  If you are just starting out or don't want to go to deep with tennis strings, this is a good starting place. 
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Pat Markey

Roger Federer Q&A - On String Tension and Racquets

Although this video is less than two minutes long.  You can learn a few things about professional tennis players especially as it pertains to stringing.  Watch this and see what Roger has to say about his rackets and strings.  You can see he uses Natural Gut in the Mains, generally has 8-12 rackets at his disposal at any given time and believes in giving to Charities...
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Friday, July 07, 2017

Pat Markey

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Shocking Knee Injury - Wimbledon 2017 (Trigger War...

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pat Markey

This weeks newsletter is out and a breakdown of Wilson's racket string patterns

I sent out this weeks newsletter and then spent another few hours finishing up the spreadsheet of 41 current top Wilson tennis rackets and their string patterns.  The findings were somewhat revealing to me.  I am all about breaking things down to steps, letting the basics sink in and building upon that.  Once you learn a racket is strung, the various patterns may throw you at first but will start to make sense as you become more confident.

Breaking down the Wilson rackets you can see a few patterns:

41 rackets break down into 6 different stringing patterns
2 of those patterns have shared holes

The six patterns are as follows

Mains skip 8T, 8H (mostly 16m/19x patterns)
Mains skip 9T, 9H (mostly 18m/19x patterns)
Mains skip 8T,10T,8H,10H (mostly 18m/20x patterns)
Mains skip 9T,8H,10H (mostly 18m/16x patterns) They also have 7T, 8T SHARED HOLES
Mains skip 7T,9T,7H,9H (mostly 16m/18x patterns)
Mains skip 5H,7H,9H,11H,12H (only k factor kzero)

So you can see that by just knowing the patterns of the 6 listed above you can quickly figure out how to string the 41 Wilson rackets out.

Pretty simple right.  You can get this info by going to the 'string-patterns' menu botton (like  shown below )and choose the Racket companies name to see the patterns for those frames. 

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Pat Markey

My Random Craigslist Search looking at racket services in........

I like to do random searches to see what stringing options are available, and what prices stringers charge for their service in various geographical locations.  Although I live thousands of miles away, I can learn a good amount from other markets.  Be sure to look at your local market from time to time.  I looked at Fort Wayne, Indiana and found no results for racket stringers.  SO IF YOU LIVE NEAR there, take notice, you might want to advertise.

I continued my search on Google for the Fort Wayne area and found a few results, If this is your market, contact the websites, ask about their stringing, prices, what strings they offer.  Be assertive.

Keep up to speed of what is going on around you.  Keep learning, research your market.  I show you this in my mentoring class.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Pat Markey

You don't need a retail location to have a great tennis stringing business

It can be daunting sometimes to compare yourself to the 'BIG' guys and not think that you can make it without a 'location'.  The main take-away here is 'Know your competition' , 'Know your market' , 'Know your strengths', and especially 'Know what your competition is doing in your market!"

This being said.  You can position yourself and your strength can be their weakness.  Here is an example.  The store down the street has 24-48 hour stringing turnaround, so you come in and offer same day service or 'money back' guarantee!  Yes this will mean work for you setting this up but if you deliver on this, you will get business and word will spread.  The 'players' that need quick turnaround will be the ones that keep coming back.

Another quick tip - make sure you know what your market wants.  It is easy to get caught up in the hype from the racket companies on all the 'latest' strings.  Just know what works in your market and have that ready.  Know your strings, the technology behind them and you will drown out your competition!.

If you enjoy these tips, please sign up for my weekly stringing tips newsletter.  It is packed with things you can start using now.
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pat Markey

Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 Ltd. Edition - What you need to know for stringing.

The New Wilson racket ships 6/1/17. Stay in the know on what may be important for stringing.

Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 Ltd. Edition Tennis racket:

Traditional 16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
You can do 'One Piece' (top down) stringing
No Shared Holes

Keep in mind with only 85 square inches, tension may feel tighter.  Adjust accordingly.

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Pat Markey

Sign-up to get this weeks Pro Racket Stringing tips newsletter

Don't wait, sign-up now so you don't miss tomorrows issue of the Pro Stringing Tips and resources.  Some stuff in here you don't want to miss.

String On!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pat Markey

Your closest competition can be your best resource for racket stringing-LEARN FROM YOUR COMPETITION!

Let me explain this in detail.  I was doing my daily research and ran across "Dick's Sporting Goods - racket stringing services".  And I remembered back to a time I had a stringing service and how having a large 'box' store near by helped me out.

LET ME EXPLAIN. ! Stay with me here....

According to Statista.com as of 05/27/2017 Dick's Sporting Goods is the no.2 sporting good retail behind Walmart.  Although this is not all that important for my illustration, I just wanted to point out the credibility of this competition in the US Market Place.  As of March 2016 there were 610 Dick's sporting goods stores in 47 states ( I just happened to live in one of the 3 states that does NOT have one!). I found the Racket Stringing Services page on their website here.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Well let me expain.   DICK's sporting goods will have a large inventory of strings , stringing accessories.   First off, it is a way to gauge what the mainstream  competition is and how you can position yourself to be better.  The other takeaway here is the fact that in tight situations you can buy your string from them.  You want to offer fast reliable service and knowing what your local competition has on hand can help you fill in and expand your string choices without the extra $$ to carry large inventory.  NOW I do want to say this with caution because you will pay more getting your string from your competition (lowering your gross profit ) but I have found this to help me on more than one occasion. 

So check out what they have too offer, their prices and experience.  If you feel you lack experience, you may see if you can join their stringing team.... 

Hope this was helpful.  Be sure to let me know and remember to sign up for the stringing tips email.
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Pat Markey

Professional Racket Stringing Mentorship Program

I have never seen any program like this and will be starting this shortly.  This is for the stringer that wants to get in the Professional arena.  I can take you through the steps to make it happen!

Just remember that if you want to become a pro racket stringer you will need to have the stamina to stand 15 hours, the precision to string 30 rackets flawlessly, the patience to wait your turn, the character to accept correction and positive attitude!
Think this is you.... I will be starting up my professional stringing course soon. Hope to see you there.


                               SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER FOR MORE INFO !
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