First Stringing Tip of 2014

Happy New Year!

Here is the first tip of 2014.  Clean your racket prior to mounting. This basic 2 minute tip can keep your racket looking new and while inspecting it you can see any potential cracks or stress fractures early.  Generally if you live in an area that has clay courts or someone used the racket as a shovel in the dirt this step can really make a difference quickly.  I have seen rackets with years of dirt and grim that can easily be wiped off with some rubbing alcohol and a cloth.  I generally will get a spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol.  There are several other tennis uses for this that I will discuss later.  

During the inspection and cleaning of the racket also look for grommet wear and cracks in the grommets.  If you need to replace grommets or use tubing (will discuss further in later tips) than this is better done before you mount the racket on your machine.

If you string rackets as a business :Advertise that you do this in your promotional material.  This is a great marketing tool.  Generally I will wipe the racket down, get the dust off, clean around the grommets until all the marks are off.

I hope this tip saves you some time and effort.   More times to come tomorrow. (STip 01)

Thursday, January 02, 2014
Posted by Patrick

The year ahead in racket stringing with stringing courses and tips!

This holiday season has been a great time to reflect on the year ahead and especially a time to focus my ideas on what I want this site to be in 2014.  I hope that the information found here can help my audience-racket stringers everywhere and at all levels be more productive and expand their know how.  The first of my efforts will focus specifically on the 'Newbie Stringer' and this will include the new stringing course that is starting in Mid-January (Racket Stringing 101).  Secondly the '365' stringing tips that I will hope to roll out 'one per day' for the entire 2014 year will provide stringers of all levels with some tips and time saving stuff.

After 20 years of stringing rackets I have picked up some valuable tips and now I want to share these with my readers.  I also hope to get the design just right on this site so that the readability and navigation makes stuff easy to find.  The hours I spend each day sifting through tennis information online will yield some valuable information that I will post and share.  I hope YOU the reader will post, comment,join the newsletter,
tweet and like this and become part of the family. 

Best Wishes in 2014
Monday, December 30, 2013
Posted by Patrick

All you need is the drop-weight stringing machine to get started.

For the upcoming Racket Stringing 101 course that is starting in January, I will be stringing on a "drop-weight" type stringing machine.  In 20 years of racket stringing most of my stringing has been done on a variety of computerized professional grade machines.  For this course since it is a beginning course designed for those that are just getting started and want to string their own rackets, the course will be taught using a "drop-weight machine"

You will need to have access to a stringing machine, a few tools (that I will be talking about in the days ahead) and time.  Follow the link to Amazon below  to see a "drop-weight machine" that would work for this course. I have listed a few and both are under $200.00.  The cost of shipping varies so check each out.   It is actually possible to start stringing for under $200.00 dollars and I want to show you how.  There is no 'magic' here, but with hard work, some dedication and practice you should be on your way to stringing your own tennis racket's in no time.

Saturday, December 28, 2013
Posted by Patrick

Learn to string your own tennis rackets here with the complete stringing 101 course.

Save money and keep your racket tuned and ready for the important matches!  
Learn to string your own tennis rackets.

Get ready to fire your racket stringer and learn to string your own rackets.  You probably heard the phrase " string as often in a year as you play in a week?"  But now you can string every time you need to and have your racket tuned for the important match.  The savings can add up quickly. Let me take your stringing to the next level.

The Racket Stringing 101 course will walk you through each step and is designed for someone without any experience but can also help those that already know the basics.  Learn at your own pace and get ready to have fun!  The course is completely free and will start January 15 with new materials posted weekly.  Please email with more questions and stay tuned here to get started.  I will show you how to get all the equipment you need for under $200 dollars online and walk you through each step so that you will be able to string your own rackets.  

After 20 years of stringing for local players, competitive players and touring professionals at major tournaments my experience can help you learn to string rackets the correct way!  The demo's will be shown using the same machine I am recommending that you  purchase  for under $200 dollars new!  I will show you everything you need to get started, take you step by step, offer email support and provide video tutorials!  If you are interested please send a reply post or you can email me directly at


Friday, December 27, 2013
Posted by Patrick

365 Racket Stringing Tips

Yes that is correct, starting January 1st 2014 we will start posting a new stringing tip each day, keeping your skills up to speed.  Also in January we will be starting our Stringing 101 course so grab your stringing machine and get ready for the fun.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  See you in January.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Posted by Patrick

New Babolat Tennis String to be released in January!

You are gonna have to wait till January to get your hands on the new Babolat Tennis String.  The new "Origin" Babolat string will be a monofiliment string that promises lots of power and comfort!  The string will be available in 125, 130 and 135 size and retail in the over $20.00 per set.  Apparently this new string promotos an organically produced polyamide design.  You can read more about it at or read the article in Tennis Industry Magazine about this new string.

Racket stringing tips is about finding the latest and newest information about what matters to the stringer... so stay tuned for the new site coming in January!
Monday, December 16, 2013
Posted by Patrick

Racket Stringing Tips Will have a new look in the new year.!

We have taken a break, please excuse our dust.... the new redesigned site should be finished soon, so please check back, lots of great stuff to come, the one resource for racket stringing info!
Monday, December 09, 2013
Posted by Patrick

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